Sackem Family


There’s just nothing quite like a heavyweight geometric typestyle with tiny counters, you just love it like the Bee Gees.

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Sackem is a revival of a single film typeface from LetterGraphics called Benman Jumbo. After that, this modular typeface was expanded into a large font family of of playful styles. From the condensed “Slim” style to the original “Jumbo” style, the Sackem family fills the gaps.


Sackem Family Styles by Pink Broccoli


Sackem Family Complete Character Set
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Sackem Family, Sackem PB Slim, Sackem PB Slim Oblique, Sackem PB Narrow, Sackem PB Narrow Oblique, Sackem PB, Sackem PB Oblique, Sackem PB Wide, Sackem PB Wide Oblique, Sackem PB Jumbo, Sackem PB Jumbo Oblique