Charming Charlie

“Charlie Chan in Egypt” film released in 1935.

There are varying posters for this film, with different lettering styles, but this one is by far my favorite of them. Have I seen the film? Nope. But just look at those plump and rounded letterforms with odd weighting to them. They definitely don’t come to mind as a lettering style for a murder mystery film, and yet, there they were. Want to see the original movie? Just click HERE.

A Crime Waiting to be Solved

Sometimes when I come across different lettering specimens, I often wonder why nobody else ever took the initiative to make a font out of this, (such a crime!). It’s such fun and funky lettering style, friendly and personable, and perfect for so many uses in modern times. It’s like they just jump out at me when I come across them and say, “Oooo, ooo, make me next!” It’s another font that quickly came together in pencil sketches and before I knew it was digitized and ready to make into a font. As an all capitals font, I varied the letterforms in the Capitals and lowercase (Alt Capitals) positions to create more variety.