Chop Phooey

“Technology Phooey”, a Pink Panther cartoon, released in 1969.

Probably just as unique and weird as the Ant and the Aardvark that appeared in numerous Pink Panther branded cartoons, this lettering style is one of those vintage gems that broke all the rules. From random serifs thrown onto varied letters of a sans-serif style, to the intentionally clumsy letter stances and weighting. If you watch the titling credits, the lettering is truly all over the place, but I based the development of this font solely on the main titling screen alone. You can see the cartoon and titling HERE.

A Cornucopia of Reference

While Chop Phooey was inspired by the one title screen, this specific cartoon is loaded with lettering that could easily spawn 2 or more fonts. So why haven’t I made them yet? I’ve got other fish to fry, but you can bet I’ll come back around to this resource again. That talking computer calls to me!